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Our company creates customized software for individuals, startups, small and medium-sized businesses.

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ZZZ WEB IT has developed WEB applications of varying complexity in a variety of areas: in business, manufacturing, public sector, banking, education, entertainment, medicine and many others.

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Development of WEB applications in Javascript.

Let's start with the fact that this is not just a programming language, but a web programming language, and it was created specifically for developing applications that will exist on the Internet, as well as on various websites. The Javascript language code is processed by almost all modern browsers, such as: Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. But why do we use Javascript code in our projects and when developing applications? Below we describe some of the tasks that can be accomplished using Javascript:js for sofware
  1. Adding interactions with user actions on web pages. What does it mean? - Everything is simple - If the user has incorrectly filled out the form (field in the form), then an error will be shown.
  2. Adding logic to the application. The web page will produce the desired result, depending on how the user behaves. For example: if the user moved the mouse cursor out of the window with the page, then a form with a proposal to register or an offer with a promo code for an order will appear on this page. We are sure that you have come across such sites before.
  3. If you need to add math calculations to your web pages. Let's say that when a user fills in some information in a form on web pages, it is necessary to perform calculations and display the result in another input field or somewhere else.
  4. Adding any effects on web pages that require computational operations. For example, moving elements, floating and hiding elements, and others.

Development of WEB applications on Next.

We must immediately say that next.js is a framework based on React and Node.js, we will not write about this about the use of react.js and node.js in the projects that we develop. The NEXT.JS feature is that it allows you to create web applications with improved performance and improved user experience using additional pre-rendering functions, such as full rendering on the server side (SSR) and static page generation (SSG).next for sofware
  • What is the Server Side Rendering or SSR? It allows you to access all the necessary data to build a page on the server. SSR allows the web pages to boot in less time and improves user jobs due to the fact that the response speed increases.
  • SEO or just search engine optimization. The use of SSR also gives you an advantage in SEO, which helps your site to occupy higher positions on the search engine results pages. SSR raises the rating of web sites for SEO, because they are loaded faster and more content content can be explored using SEO trackers.
  • Work with the <Head> tag. Next.js also allows you to edit the <head> tag of the site, which cannot be done in REACT. The tag is the main part of the web page metadata and contributes to the increase in the Site rating SEO.
The main advantage of applications created using Next.js is that the site pages or web applications are loaded much faster than React applications, thanks to the built-in rendering on the server side, as well as that Next.js supports the export functions of static sites.

Our projects

We, as a software development company, have our own projects that we are proud of and which were implemented by our development team using modern Next.js, React.js and Node.js technologies
Mind maps and diagrams onlinezimind.me
A web application for creating mind maps and diagrams in the cloud. Also in this application you can create charts and graphs. With the help of the program, unique and vivid images are obtained. Our main users are students, managers and programmers.
Screenshot editor for browserziscreen.com
The ziscreen program is designed to edit pictures taken in a browser using the same application. The program is free and provides quick editing with the subsequent sending of the image - to your computer, using the link and directly to the board in Trello.
Management accounting softwarezizizi.ru
Application for commodity, financial, warehouse accounting online. Modular software for online accounting and remote warehouse - reports, statistics, graphs.
Free classifieds sitemonteland.me
A site with free ads, where everyone can place their ad using their personal account, after registering on the site.